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Enjoy lifes journey…

Today let us talk how to enjoy life…. You may say .. oh .. I am too busy, too serious about my business, so many things on my plate…

It doesn’t have to feel like that…we do not have to wait to be happy and enjoy the life till we reach our goals and destinations.

Live is a series of journeys and destinations. It takes us sometimes quite a long time to get to our destination…and immediately after short enjoyment we move our desires to the next destination. This would be not enough of happy days in our lives.

So How to enjoy all the journey.. including the destination?

Yes ,keep climbing, but live in the present. take each action with joy. Joy gives you energy to finish and joy is a choice…

Yes it is a choice. How you may ask?

We have many journeys in life at the same time,  the parenting journey, relationship journeys, business or work life journeys, family journeys..even when we loose someone it is still a journey of your life. Our journeys cross..because we work or live together.

Not only enjoy your own journey, make sure people enjoy journeys with you.

There are three main keys to make sure we enjoy our journeys : Growing, Grattitude and Focus.

Growing means that after each experience we are becoming better or different person, wiser, maybe more diplomatic, maybe better listner or open to someone elses opinions. Yes it is a great part of life..and we need to ensure we learn and grow with each opportunity we get in life.

Focus. just make sure to focuse on positive lessons and experiences, or sides of things. Everything has positive side… let us learn, let us feel positive, let us make sure that future will bring the better solutions. Where your focus is , this is what you feel. Make sure you have positive feelings. When you focus too much on destination you miss beautiful things in life.

Grattitude. make sure you  are appreciating all goodness in life, this is what is pressures.. being grateful opens us to experience more happy and proud moments. Be grateful, feel it .. doesn’t it feel amazing?

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What does it take to be a winner? Not that much ….

One thing that makes winners stand out right away – this one quality what would that be?

Well, in my opinion responsiblitity and ownership of their presence and future. Don’t you agree?


Life doesn’t always goes accordingly to our plans, in fact many times we hear that life is what happens while we are making other plans… so what is the winners attitude in this circumstances? 

I  personally think that the truth is simple … Responsibitity makes us to assess and do things the best we currently know how. We do our best at all times and trust that good things will happen. I do it all the time … and never regret that, even when the things are not exaclty as expected. 

Life is a Team Sport, you can’t be a winner without others. The decision to live by faith or fear is a decision we have to make every day.  Your choices are your responsibility, accept the responsibillity to make choices based on faith and you become a winner. Make choices based on fear and you become a whiner, the person that thinks they have no choice and choices only depend on others or the circumstances. Which one you want to be a Winner or Whiner – the decision is yours!

For your success…Iwona


The Power of Asking Questions

Best communicator…many of us assume we are such a great communicators…is that so ..?

I foud out that I am a great communicator at times… and not so good in another meeting or conversation. It takes time and training…do we really know that the person we talk to knows what we ment…

What it actually is – it is not a person who speaks such an educated and sohfisticated language that we need to focus to get the main point to the story. It is not a person who talks a lot and doesn’t ask us for our opinion. It is not a person who assumes he knows all the answers and is not open to hear suggestions… you get the point by now I think…

At times I find myself drifting away in the conversation .. so absorbed in telling my story… yes… it is an interesting story for sure .. but to me … is it to really to my audience? So we need to make it a conversation, remember to practice the key rules of the game…

Asking questions during the conversation is so powerful. There are many benefits, but here I will list just few…

– gets other person talking

– creates friendships and relationships

– allows to control the conversation

– allows us to find out if the person is interested in what we have to say

And for those who are in sales …  listen carefully

– lets person do the selling

– let us determine if he/her is interested in our service or product at all

– let us overcome objections

– we can make our presentation better by addressing persons needs and explaining the expected benefits

WOW … so what do we ask ….so how about every time you meet new people .. make sure you learn about them .. If they ask you question, reply but in the end ask another question so they have the chance to talk.

How are we spending our time tells us what is most important to us.

Time Management – again?

Time Management is really life management.  You can’t save the time.

So.. what we can do?

  1. Reallocate the time.
  2. Assess values of what you do.
  3. Think before you act.

What is the best look at how we can use time?

1. You can reallocate time from the area of low value to the area of high vale.

Procrastination is a ‘Thief of dreams

2. Look how  you spend your time, and you will know what is important to you

In essence the time management is for you to discipline yourself to see clear priorities and then stick to those priorities.

3. Think before you act.

Lack of discipline is time management is causing us to spend more time on tasks of lower values, and if this is done repeatedly eventually becomes a bad habit.


The greatest danger for mo…

The greatest danger for most of us is,
not that our aim is too high and we miss it,
but that it is too low and we reach it.
Michael Angelo

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