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Enjoy lifes journey…

Today let us talk how to enjoy life…. You may say .. oh .. I am too busy, too serious about my business, so many things on my plate…

It doesn’t have to feel like that…we do not have to wait to be happy and enjoy the life till we reach our goals and destinations.

Live is a series of journeys and destinations. It takes us sometimes quite a long time to get to our destination…and immediately after short enjoyment we move our desires to the next destination. This would be not enough of happy days in our lives.

So How to enjoy all the journey.. including the destination?

Yes ,keep climbing, but live in the present. take each action with joy. Joy gives you energy to finish and joy is a choice…

Yes it is a choice. How you may ask?

We have many journeys in life at the same time,  the parenting journey, relationship journeys, business or work life journeys, family journeys..even when we loose someone it is still a journey of your life. Our journeys cross..because we work or live together.

Not only enjoy your own journey, make sure people enjoy journeys with you.

There are three main keys to make sure we enjoy our journeys : Growing, Grattitude and Focus.

Growing means that after each experience we are becoming better or different person, wiser, maybe more diplomatic, maybe better listner or open to someone elses opinions. Yes it is a great part of life..and we need to ensure we learn and grow with each opportunity we get in life.

Focus. just make sure to focuse on positive lessons and experiences, or sides of things. Everything has positive side… let us learn, let us feel positive, let us make sure that future will bring the better solutions. Where your focus is , this is what you feel. Make sure you have positive feelings. When you focus too much on destination you miss beautiful things in life.

Grattitude. make sure you  are appreciating all goodness in life, this is what is pressures.. being grateful opens us to experience more happy and proud moments. Be grateful, feel it .. doesn’t it feel amazing?

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