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What does it take to be a winner? Not that much ….

One thing that makes winners stand out right away – this one quality what would that be?

Well, in my opinion responsiblitity and ownership of their presence and future. Don’t you agree?


Life doesn’t always goes accordingly to our plans, in fact many times we hear that life is what happens while we are making other plans… so what is the winners attitude in this circumstances? 

I  personally think that the truth is simple … Responsibitity makes us to assess and do things the best we currently know how. We do our best at all times and trust that good things will happen. I do it all the time … and never regret that, even when the things are not exaclty as expected. 

Life is a Team Sport, you can’t be a winner without others. The decision to live by faith or fear is a decision we have to make every day.  Your choices are your responsibility, accept the responsibillity to make choices based on faith and you become a winner. Make choices based on fear and you become a whiner, the person that thinks they have no choice and choices only depend on others or the circumstances. Which one you want to be a Winner or Whiner – the decision is yours!

For your success…Iwona


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